"Sometimes the most vital thing you can do is take a complete rest." Ashleigh Brilliant

Sports massage

Sports massage is a vigorous and stimulating massage which addresses trigger points and works on the muscles' deeper layers.

Techniques include stretches and joint mobilizations, dynamic techniques and increased applied pressure. 

Sports massage shortens recovery time by increasing blood flow and lymph fluid, both important in the body´s healing process and waste removal. Before sports a sports massage can increase performance and vitality. 

relaxational massage 

Relaxational massage is characterized by long, slow and light(er) strokes invoking a deep sense of relaxation and well being.
Optimal if you feel you need to unwind and rest. 

We often forget (how) to relax. Through the body´s experience of gentle touch, our mind follows and we become one with the rythm of our breath, our heart beat, with the slow pace of the moment. 

Clinical massage

or massage therapy

Clinical massage will focus on a specific problem, such as pain or decreased mobility. This massage addresses only the areas of the body involved. 

Lymphatic drainage may be applied if you are experiencing an accumulation of lymph fluid, i.e. due lymph nodes that have been damaged.

You may use our receipts for your (private) health insurance, contact me for further information.

Chair massage for events

Are you a company or private person planning an event? Why not treat your employees or guests to a massage!

Increasing motivation, decreasing fatigue, these quick massages are great to regain energy and simply enjoy!

A chairmassage session typically takes 15 to 20 minutes and adresses back, neck, shoulders, head, arms and hips. 

Chair massage can take place any where, no need to undress. Be our guest!

About my massages

During a full body massage, I usually incorporate techniques from classical, sports & therapeutical massage that I have learned during my years of practice. I  use fluid and rythmic circling motion of hands and arms on the body, mobilizing and shaking techniques and a good amount of (deep) pressure, adding passive stretches. 

If you like, I may use my feet to aid in applying pressure to the body and levering passive motion. 

Every massage is tailored to each individual client. I listen to what you would like and to whether you have any physical complaints. I then adapt the massage to your situation and request and give special attention to the areas where I find tension.

Duo massage

Share the relaxing massage experience with a friend or loved one on side-by-side tables. 

Two experienced and trained therapists come to you, be sure of a friendly, professional and skilled service!

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reasons to book a massage with me:

  • We come to your home so you save time and effort!
  • I have a bachelor degree in physiotherapy and a solid knowledge of anatomy and hands on techniques
  • I have many years of experience in massage treatments 
  • All massages may be booked as a DUO massage 
  • Materials we bring are: clean towels and sheets, a high quality massage table or chair, almond oil
  • We´re careful about hygiene (i.e. washing hands before & after a massage), for the same reason, we kindly ask you to take a shower before receiving a massage, thank you
  • I work with "recibos verdes" receipts
  • I speak German, Dutch, Portuguese and English fluently plus Spanish and some French
  • We believe a good service can only be provided with passion and we love what we do!

* our massages are for health purposes only