Health massage Algarve

Mobile (physio) massages and Pilates in the Algarve.

or: visit us in our massage tent on the beach of Beliche, in Sagres!

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Choose from a range of wonderful massage treatments.

You may also book a Pilates class personally tailored to your wishes and goals.

Whether you´re on holiday or at home in the Algarve,
we come to you!

Experienced therapists

We make sure therapists are adequately trained and work with dedication. Read more about us here.

The founder being a certified physiotherapist with many years of experience and a passion for massage, we care about knowledge and skills in order to achieve all the benefits of a good massage treatment.

Relax at home

You can relax, reenergize or work out, all in the comfort of your (holiday) home. At your convenience and with no travel for you! 

We operate from the Western Algarve (Sagres to Lagos) and have therapists in the Faro region, other locations are possible on request.

100% natural oils 

When using oil, we use natural almond or olive oil scented with organic essential oils. You may choose an alternative to oil.

About massage

Massage therapy dates back thousands of years and  Studies suggest that it has a positive effect on sleep, mood, motivation, pain and more...

Physical touch is a foundational element in human development and massage helps us increase our overall wellbeing.

If you feel it´s time to relax, you need to sooth out tension or strain in your body, receive a massage! Take the time and space to take care of yourself.

Massages are tailored to your needs and wishes and my background with a bachelor in physiotherapy means they always act therapeutically too.

About Pilates

Pilates strengthens our body, paying extra attention to our "power house" or "core" muscles - the abdominals, low back, hip, pelvic floor and gluteus muscles. All supportive and protective of the spine. 

Movements are dynamic and (yogic) stretches are part of the method.

Exercises are always performed with the needed breathing technique and done in a controlled manner, preventing lesions and often acting therapeutically.

Classes may be adapted to your wishes and are suitable for all levels of fitness! 


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