mobile massage pricelist 

No travel fees are added, except if you´re outside the region between Sagres and Lagos.

30 minutes - partial massage (minimum 2 people)

light, medium or strong pressure

€ 30

Full body or partial massage - 60 minutes

Pressure according to your needs

€ 55

1,5 hours full body massage

€ 65

Duo massage for couples or groups 60 / 90 minutes

Two therapists give massages simultaneously.

€ 55 / 65

Chair massage at your event venue

Treat your guests to a massage! We come with a massage chair, typically for 3 to 4 hours, anywhere in the Algarve. Travel fees may be added.

€160 = 11 massages

special treats

Indian head massage 

30 minutes, relaxation of head, neck & shoulders, includes face, for two people

Foot massage

30 minutes, pressure points, strokes and mobilizations, for two people

€25 p.p.

Reiki 60 minutes 

Hands are gently applied to the body, releasing their warmth into the clients tissues. This treatment is calming and good for deep relaxation. 


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