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Rita offers Yoga and Yogalates  (a fusion between Yoga & Pilates) Classes to your doorstep, in the Central Algarve. She is able to commute to Armação de Pêra, Porches, Alcantarilha, Carvoeiro and other locations if you have a bigger group of people.

She speaks English and Portuguese fluently.

She holds a BA degree in Professional Dance, as mindful movement has always been her passion.

She is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and has a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor degree (including pre-post natal) from Polestar Pilates International. She is also a Yoga Alliance Instructor in Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga (which has become her preferred area of work), she is a  Barre Instructor from Barrecore Academy London and Usui Reiki therapist (Japanese energy healing technique).

Rita has vast experience in the Health & Fitness industry, teaching a variety of movement styles, and having trained clients of many nationalities and professional backgrounds at home, outdoors and in different studios.

She has trained people of all abilities, using a vast array of techniques to achieve their goals: whether it is toning, stress relief, proper biomechanics, endurance, strength, weight loss, body rebalancing, or flexibility.

The core of her approach is wellness, establishing a healthy nutritional balance, exercise with correct alignment, and mindfulness.

This is an uplifting journey we do together to make us feel better and happier!

PT: Rita oferece aulas de Yoga e Yogalates (fusão de yoga e Pilates) ao seu domicílio, na de armacao de pera.

Armação de Pêra, Porches, Alcantarilha, Carvoeiro e outras localidades são possíveis, se houver um grupo maior de pessoas.

Ela fala Português e Inglês fluentemente.

Tem uma licenciatura em dança profissional pois sempre gostou do movimento consciente.

A Rita é qualificada como Personal Trainer e tem uma formação em Pilates pela Polestar Pilates International. Também é instrutora de Vinyasa e Ashtanga Yoga. Sendo que as aulas de Yoga se tornaram o seu trabalho mais destacado e preferido.Outras qualificações incluem praticante de Reiki (Usuy - system) como também instrutora de Barre Pilates.

A Rita como profissional gosta de abordar o corpo de forma holística, tendo em conta uma alimentação equilibrada, gestão do stress, através de técnicas como a respiração e a meditação, como também o exercício físico.

Tem trabalhado com uma vasta gama de clientes de variadas nacionalidades, em contexto domiciliar, de ginásios e estúdios. Suas aulas trabalham a coordenação, o equilíbrio, força e flexibilidade, sendo sempre adaptadas ao nível de cada participante.


Indah has over 11 Years of experience teaching Pilates, particularly to elderly individuals and groups age 50+.

She has taught all levels and ages, and offered pre, and post - pregnancy courses for 2 years. 

Her focus is on recovery and well - being, using exact instructions to maximize correct alignment and conscious execution of movement.

She took her Pilates Training in Brasil (método Pilates Solo Multifuncional), and added courses in Pre and postnatal Pilates, aqua Pilates and her background knowledge in physiotherapy to include a wide range of exercise, specifically designed to achieve your goals!

Indah is a qualified 200hr Hatha Yoga teacher by Yoga alliance certified training school, TAO-center in Spain, since 2018.

You may book a group class with her,  combined with a group request for massage therapy, anywhere in the Algarve.