"Movement is fundamental to the Universe."              - Anupama Garg

Pilates group classes

Would you like to organize a Pilates class for a group of people? I come to your home or holiday accomodation. If needed, I bring mats, elastic / thera bands and music. 

Regular Pilates classes take place Tuesdays & Thursdays at 08.30 am (in the summer) and 11. am (during winter) in the Santo Antonio Spa in Budens (near Salema, Algarve). 

Individual Pilates class

Would you like to improve your condition, overall health or deal with a specific complaint? 

I can give you the needed guidance and one to one attention. Together we set your personal goals and strive to achieve them!


These sessions combine the core stabilizing training of Pilates with regenerative yogic practices. 

Hatha Yoga

We increase strength and flexibility and soothe the nervous system, balancing body and mind. Using breathing techniques, Asanas (postures), meditation and relaxation.

Pregnancy Pilates

These classes are a way to work out, stay fit and flexible, with care and in good company. Attention is paid to overall relaxation and breathing. 

I also offer post-natal classes to regain strength (not only in the pelvic floor), share experiences, re-connect with, and tone, your body. The pelvic floor muscles, fasciae & ligaments start to carry extra load as well as relax during pregnancy. They therefore need to regain strength and extra support from surrounding muscles after pregnancy. 

Yoga & Pilates at your home pricelist

Pilates group class

I will bring mats and everything needed for the class

15 Eur. p.p., starting at 4 people

Individual  Pilates class

60 Eur.

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