What are the advantages of a massage at home?


Indulging in a massage at home has several benefits for you: 

  1. Not having to get ready to go out of the house to then (if you´re unfamiliar with the surroundings) search for a location you might not immediately find. 
  2. You save money on fuel or transport, saving your time and effort too. 
  3. You can have your children around, not having to hurry "back home to the family" after a massage. 
  4. You can choose the location where you feel most comfortable receiving a massage, for example, in your room, the living room, the terrace, or in the garden...
  5. You can continue relaxing once the massage is over, having a shower, lying down or reading a book. Not having to step outside feeling like you´ve just woken up from a deep relaxing sleep and having to cope with the surroundings and traffic. 
  6. You can choose your favourite music (this is often standardized in massage studios) or none at all. 
  7. If you have physical limitations that make going for a massage somewhere difficult, you don´t need to worrry about that and massage has many benefits for disabled people.
  8. Simply be yourself in your own surrounding and company!