Why Pilates for young mothers?


Pilates is often indicated as a good way to start exercising again after having given birth. Do you feel the desire to take care of your body and yourself a little more again? With gentle yet effective exercises that will help you strengthen your body, we seek awareness of the pelvic floor and posture. 

Skin and muscles have had to stretch during pregnancy and have therefore also relaxed and lost strength. Pilates is a very good way to strengthen your back, abdomen and pelvic floor, which will give you extra support and ease in doing activities that require physical strength. 

You will soon start feeling the difference as you become stronger and more flexible and, with Pilates, you support your body in regaining its power and shape. 

The conscious breathing technique, slow flow of movements and the relaxation techniques used at the end of sessions will contribute to staying a relaxed, healthy and happy mother.