How does massage help people with MS?


MS and Muscle Challenges

MS is an auto immune disease wherein the body attacks the covering of the nerves (called the myelin sheath) as well as the nerve fibers in the brain, optic nerves and spinal column. The damage left by these attacks make it more difficult for nerves to communicate, which can cause many problems and symptoms such as rigid and spasming muscles, pain, muscle weakness, mood disorders and cognitive decline.  Movements become hard to perform and as a result the patient may start having trouble walking, using arms and hands... 

How Massage Helps

Therapeutic massage for MS has a physical effect beyond relaxation. Significant benefits for MS patients appear to be reduced spasticity and pain, improved circulation and increased muscle and joint flexibility.

Stress reduction also winds up being an important benefit of therapeutic massage for MS. A small 2016 study suggested that massage therapy was associated with an improved quality of life, along with decreased fatigue and pain.