Massages in Beliche - beach in Sagres


It is a heavenly summer and our second season in Sagres! Beliche beach is a wonderfully beautiful beach with impressive cliffs against the blue sky and caves on both sides of the bay.

Me and my colleagues Julia and Fabio alternately spend days on the beach offering our unique blend of massages. Julia is a trained Thai - massage therapist as well as a natural health practicioner. My background lies in physiotherapy and many years of experience as a massage therapist and Fabio is a nutritionist trained in wellness and classical massage. We all have our own style and fuse different techniques according to what the client asks for and needs in the moment. 

When days are calm, we sit and enjoy the scenery reading a book or even going for a kayak tour, if they´re really calm! 

Some days are very busy, and it´s always a privilege to meet so many different people from all parts of the world and contribute to their good experiences and well being. They all love the natural acoustics of the sea, birds and wind, with the soft summer air surrounding us, though sometimes it is rather windy;) 

We´re still in the midst of season, so come and get a massage with us, don´t miss the experience! 

Prices range from 25 Eur. to 65 Eur. / session.