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Indah - founder 

Born in the Netherlands I spent most of my youth in Portugal, to where I returned in 2014. 

I became a physiotherapist in 2009 (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). I then firstly worked in private physiotherapy clinics in Amsterdam, having worked in elderly care and as a massage therapist , during my physiotherapy studies.

In 2011 I became a Pilates instructor in Brasil, where Pilates is widely practiced. I´ve been giving classes with pleasure, since. This year, I´ve concluded my Yoga teacher training.

In the past years I have taken courses in Aqua & pregnancy Pilates, manual lymphatic drainage and functions and dysfunctions of the pelvic floor. 

Working with massage and exercise, I feel I want to contribute to my clients health and well being and am always looking for ways to improve my work. 

My massage style is firm and dynamic, being sports massage my speciality but I adapt every massage to your needs and whishes.

I´ve lived, studied and worked in Germany, Holland, Brasil and Portugal and gained experience in different fields. I speak German, Dutch, English and Portuguese fluently plus Spanish and some French.

My professional registration number as a physiotherapist in Portugal is Cédula profissional C-045496072.


Has a background and a bachelor degree in nutritional sciences (Unime - Faculdade Lauro de Freitas, Bahia) which gave him a thorough understanding of the human body. 

He followed training in wellness and classic massage.

His massages are very relaxing, yet releasing tensions with pressure adapted as required. Fabio massages with pleasure and vitality and is always working to improve the clients physical state and well being. 

He is continuing to learn new techniques in sports massage and currently also Shiatsu.

He speaks Portuguese and English.

During the summer months, we set up a massage tent on the beautiful Beliche Beach in Sagres, where you can enjoy a massage!  


William, Lagos

"After a serious accident, breaking both my arm and shoulder, I was prescribed a course of physiotherapy. I was dreading having to attend the hospital for this, mostly because I was unable to drive!

But then I discovered Indah, who was strongly recommended by people in my local village.

What a Godsend! She was willing to come to my house for sessions, which included massages and then physio in my pool. I progressed from paddling exercises and stretching to underwater boxing!

I would recommend Indah to anybody - she is firm but friendly, and made my sessions something to look forward to ! "

Leslie, Portugal

"I have had pregnancy pilates with Indah for a couple of month. Clearly she totally had a sense of our state of fitness and needs. I loved going there every week to do at least a bit of sport activities. Indah is a great teacher, very sensitive, funny and always in a good mood.

When I had a really bad headache, Indah also came for an "emergency massage". I am remembering this as a life saving moment. I felt so much better afterwards and the headache disappeared! I totally recommend Indah as a therapist!"

Terry, Amsterdam

"During my stay in Portugal, I had a wonderful and professional massage.

Indah knows exactly what to do and how to do it! In her massage you can feel that she is not only a masseuse but also a fysiotherapist. That's why I highly recommend a massage by Indah!."

Guy, Jersey

"I was on a beach near Sagres in the Summer and discovered Indah's tent where she offers massages. I'd never had a full body massage and so I thought - let's give it a go!! - really glad I did - it was so relaxing in a beautiful setting ....great!! ...I'm coming back next summer!!"

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