William, Lagos

"After a serious accident, breaking both my arm and shoulder, I was prescribed a course of physiotherapy. I was dreading having to attend the hospital for this, mostly because I was unable to drive!

But then I discovered Indah, who was strongly recommended by people in my local village.

What a Godsend! She was willing to come to my house for sessions, which included massages and then physio in my pool. I progressed from paddling exercises and stretching to underwater boxing!

I would recommend Indah to anybody - she is firm but friendly, and made my sessions something to look forward to ! "

Leslie, Portugal

"I have had pregnancy pilates with Indah for a couple of month. Clearly she totally had a sense of our state of fitness and needs. I loved going there every week to do at least a bit of sport activities. Indah is a great teacher, very sensitive, funny and always in a good mood.
When I had a really bad headache, Indah also came for an "emergency massage". I am remembering this as a life saving moment. I felt so much better afterwards and the headache disappeared! I totally recommend Indah as a therapist!"

Terry, Amsterdam

"During my stay in Portugal, I had a wonderful and professional massage.

Indah knows exactly what to do and how to do it! In her massage you can feel that she is not only a masseuse but also a fysiotherapist. That's why I highly recommend a massage by Indah!."

Guy, Jersey

"I was on a beach near Sagres in the Summer and discovered Indah's tent where she offers massages. I'd never had a full body massage and so I thought - let's give it a go!! - really glad I did - it was so relaxing in a beautiful setting ....great!! ...I'm coming back next summer!!"