Hello, my name is Indah. I was born in the Netherlands, but spent most of my youth in Portugal. To work and study, I´ve lived in Germany, Holland and Brasil, where I gained experience in different fields.

I became a physiotherapist in 2009 (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). 

I then firstly worked in private physiotherapy clinics in Amsterdam, having worked in elderly care and as a massage therapist, during my physiotherapy studies.

I became a Pilates instructor in 2011 in Brasil, where Pilates is widely practiced, and have been teaching with much pleasure since.

I decided to move back to the Algarve in 2014 with my now seven year old child. I love the local nature and being outdoors. 

Working as a massagetherapist (with 11 years of experience as such) and Pilates teacher I feel I want to contribute towards health, fitness and well being. I offer a mobile / home service and am working with qualified professionals to cover different aspects of the care we want to provide. 

During the summer months, we set up a massage tent on Beliche Beach in Sagres, where you can enjoy a massage in a magically beautiful surrounding! 

In the past years I have taken courses in aqua / water Pilates, pregnancy Pilates as well as in lymphatic drainage and pelvic floor functions and dysfunctions (Angela Heller concept).

I am fluent in German, English, Dutch and Portuguese and also do translations.