Mobile therapists in Faro

Telma Coelho is passionate about body work and massage. 

Holding a Phd in sciences of the sea, earth and environment from the Faro university, she chose the therapeutical work and studies as her second main interest. 

Telma started her therapeutical career in 2016 after having taken her first massage courses in Quiro massage, swedisch and deep tissue massage techniques. 

She then became a spa technician learning oriental massage styles such as Tui-na, reflexology, Shiatsu and Ayurvedic massage. She also has certificates and followed extensive courses in sports & therapeutical massage.

She completed her Thai massage training in India. 

Telma has great communication and therapeutical skills and you can be sure to be in good hands! 

In her free time she enjoys doing exercise and being outdoors with her dog. 

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