Become a partner

Work with us

We would like to offer you the oportunity to enhance your online presence and receive bookings. 

You will be able to work for yourself, according to your availability and location. You can receive extra reservations through Health massage Algarve. 

We work with qualified mobile therapists in the Algarve. 

What do I need?

A diploma in one of the following:

  • massage, Sports massage, full body treatments, clinical massage, Swedish etc.
  • or: Physiotherapy or Osteopathy course
  • or: certified Yoga, Pilates, dance or other fitness related instructor
  1. A smart phone (android/i phone), and a google calendar
  2. a car,
  3. A portable massage table, and all things needed for a massage, towels and paper/TNT roll, oil...
  4. smart massage outfit (preferrably white shirt) always clean
  5. Hygiene and punctuality, 
  6. Good communication skills
  7. English language
  8. A portuguese bank account and registration with the finances to be able to work as a freelancer.

What do we do? 

After evaluating your application, we will get in touch with you and thereafter, if the requirements are met, set up your profile on our site. 

You will then be bookable through Health massage Algarve. Anytime we receive a request for your service in your area, we will contact you and confirm your availability to schedule the appointment.

We will act as an intermediate between you and the clients.

You will receive your payment either by bank transfer or directly from the client (this is as the client prefers). 

Get in touch for rates used and conditions applicable. 

Thank you.